Sydney Williams
Advertising and Graphic Design

Hi, I am Sydney Williams. I just graduated with a BFA in Communication Design with concentrations in Advertising Design and Graphic Design at Kutztown University of Pennsylvania. With my ability to work well in a group setting paired with my strong communication skills I believe I will be a great fit for any company. I am a hard worker as well, and these are some experiences that have prepared me to work in the field.

While a student, I had the opportunity to intern at First Generation in Allentown, Pennsylvania. As an intern, the team trusted me to art direct a two week long photoshoot for Ahead USA. During which, we had to shoot over 800 hats with five different view shots. This experience allowed me to become more confident in my skills, grow as a professional ,and gain knowledge with project management. First Generation needed someone to color match the hats in Photoshop so they hired me as a freelance designer, I worked on a tight deadline to get the photos done before I headed back to school. Freelancing for First Generation made me aware of the importance of managing time properly. I also had the opportunity to construct projects out of Crayola’s products for their Create-It-Yourself network. At First Generation, we filmed Create-It-Yourself videos with Crayola products as inspiration for families at home using Crayola’s products to make crafts with. While on the sets, I observed how they made the videos for Crayola’s website and social media and helped touch up the crafts when needed. My experience interning here then led me to becoming a freelance designer for First Generation. As a freelance designer, I edited and color corrected over 300 hats for their print and online catalog. I also had the opportunity to create most of the crafts that Crayola will be using in their upcoming Create-It-Yourself coffee table book.

I am seeking a full-time position as a junior designer in the Philadelphia area.